The new PROmesh B8 industrial switch – high level of performance from the network experts

If the designers and project managers in mechanical engineering are asked, there are primarily four things that count when selecting parts: function, quality, safety and costs (and occasionally availability too). With the new PROmesh B8 industrial switch, a high performance and reliable switch has arrived on the market, which addresses the price and performance-savvy market segment of the machine and plant builders. It joins the ranks of the PROmesh switch series of Indu-Sol.

Which technical functions stand out: The PROmesh B8 is simultaneously PROFINET and ethernet IP certified, which makes product procurement, integration and maintenance significantly simpler for companies operating globally – one product series for all machines. The managed switch saves valuable time and personnel resources for the installation and commissioning, as the devices can be configured/parameterised automatically via TIA or Step 7, e.g. IP address assignment or redundancy settings. Security is also taken into account: On the one hand, due to the VLAN function, the accesses or more precisely the telegram traffic is limited with the help of separate virtual networks and on the other hand due to the port access control: All unused ports can be deactivated and sudden disconnecting generates an alarm.

The new PROmesh B8 switch offers a bundle of quality functions, which lies below the usual market level in terms of price. Indu-Sol promises price and delivery security for all products in the PROmesh series until the end of 2023.

The company is the only switch producer worldwide that considers the network holistically. Machine builders and plant operators trust the brand throughout the entire network life cycle (cradle-to-cradle), not only regarding its products, but also due to the end-to-end service competence when it comes to network planning, acceptance, management, employee training or SOS deployments and the troubleshooting.

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